Elevate your skills, career and income—all while being employed at Discovery Early Learning & Care.

You have an exceptional opportunity to accelerate your career and increase your wages while you continue to work with other dedicated professionals.

You may be eligible to upgrade your education (for free!!) through the ECAD grant program after applying for the program through Cambrian College.

Here’s how it works!

  • We endorse Cambrian College’s commitment to the ECAD program by offering education advancement through the Early Childhood Education program.
  • You must work in the Early Childhood Education sector for at least six (6) months to enroll in the ECAD program.
  • You will continue working at Discovery Early Learning & Care while participating in the ECAD program.
  • Discovery Early Learning & Care will ensure time off required for studies.
  • Discovery Early Learning & Care’s graduates from the ECAD program and the Early Childhood Education program will continue to support and mentor you in your studies to achieve success.
  • Once you complete the program, you will receive a pay increase and continue working at Discovery Early Learning & Care.

Alumni Success!

Join over 20 graduates and be part of Discovery Early Learning & Care’s community of professionals who continue to shape the future of early learning and child care.

We recognize and value the work and care you bring each day. We believe in investing in our employees and offering opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge further while offering competitive wage advancements.

Enroll in the Earn While You Learn program now, and let your income and growth begin!

Any additional questions, please inquire with your site’s Program Supervisor.

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